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Welcome to Lake & River!

The Lake & River site(formerly Irresistibly green) is a complimentary blog to The Lake & River Green Company. The lake & River Green Company is dedicated to spreading the message of simplicity, environmental sustainability, and realistic parenting through sharing articles, links and products that can help families spruce up or simplify their lifestyles. We are a small family owned and operated business located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Recently we closed Irresistibly Green, the retail store portion of the business dealing with eco-friendly products, green living, and natural parenting topics. While those topics are still near and dear, it became more effective to deal in information than retail. So we drove focus to the Lake & River website.
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Where our focus often lies:

Bath & body products are often filled with harsh chemicals and preservatives. Body products absorb into our bodies through our skin and scalps, sending all of these toxins into our systems each day. Enough studies have pointed to many of these ingredients as cancer causing agents and estrogen producers. With endocrine disorders on the rise, many point to these type of ingredients as adding to the problem. Which is why natural body products are so important. With natural butter and essential oils, there are infinite options out there for finding healthier products.

Another toxic area of life most of us encounter near daily is right in our laundry rooms. Laundry detergent, dryer sheets, fabric oftener and additives make up a huge market. They also add a ton of pollutants to our homes and our environment. Many of the “green” brands out there are not really green at all. Green Washing is particularly bad in the cleaning product arena. We strive to provide information and access to some laundry alternatives like natural detergents and wool dryer balls, to help consumers reduce the chemicals they place on their clothing. That clothing sits next to your skin all day!

Modern day cloth diapering has never been easier. Many parents choose disposable diapers out of convenience not knowing how easy and innovative modern cloth diapers are today. With stay-dry and natural fiber options, cloth diapering is easily customized to your baby’s needs and your preferences. Wrapping up a cloth diaper with cloth wipes and placing them in a wet bag or pail is just as easy as wrapping and tossing a disposable. Cleaning your diapers is simple! Visit our cloth Diapering 101 page.
Lake & River is currently going through some growing pains. We are currently looking for a couple review bloggers interested in writing product reviews for our website. Please email if interested in becoming a guest reviewer. Include links to some of your previous reviews for reference.

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  1. I’m new to all this cloth diapering but I am supper exicted to start!

  2. we use homemade cloth wipes

  3. Thank you!

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