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Jul 052017
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Are your newborn cloth diapers getting too small? Graduate your baby to a roomy one size option like the SoftBums Omni! The Omni is a generously sized one size cloth diaper that can please both the all-in-two AND the pocket diaper loving crowds.

SoftBums is a local brand to us, based right here in Minnesota!  SoftBums diapers include the unique Slide²Size  sizing system, making them versatile and simple. SoftBums originate with Sarah Van Bogart, mother of five, who has been designing and sewing cloth diapers for over a decade.

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SoftBums Omni Features:

  • Drawstring Toggle Sizing
  • One-size fits 4 months to 3 years.
  • Wider fit than SoftBums Echo.
  • Made in the USA!
  • Multiple Pods (inserts) available. Pocket and snap so you choose how pod is installed.

The OMNI really is “omni” since it can be both a pocket diaper or a snap-in-two!

softbums omni 3

The toggle system for sizing is more precise than a snap down rise. Simply reach into the pocket located at the back of the shell and pull out the two elastic strands. Pinch the toggle and adjust the drawstring to the length that provides a snug and leak free fit for your baby. Tuck the strands back into the pocket.

softbums omni 4

This Omni shell is combined with a One size DryTouch SUPER pod.

One Size DryTouch SUPER Pod:

This insert consists of two parts. A contoured one size pod that can snap down to three different sizes. Plus, a small DryTouch Pod that snaps to the OS pod for extra absorption. A two part insert offers customized absorption to cover all ages. The DryTouch fleece covers the top to keep skin dry and underneath is four layers of microfiber.

Really, with the multiple sizing snaps on the one size pod, you could add a second small insert for a total of three pods. The Omni is very wide and could accommodate the extra pods. Because of the width, this diaper is less practical for very tiny newborns, but great for toddlers and older infants.

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Since the Omni is meant also serve as a pocket diaper, there is easier access to the toggles than in the Echo.

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If you need a little more convenience, SoftBums also has an insert called the H-pod. This is a disposable pod made from bamboo. It is absorbent and has no water resistant backing, so you can double them up if need be. These can be nice when you are traveling and want the ease of a disposable, but the protection of a cloth diaper.

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Ten month old Ethan is about 17 lbs,  and has plenty of room to grow. The toggle sizing keeps a snug custom fit, despite the diaper being very roomy. I am a fan of the toggle sizing. The design also makes it seem easy to repair if you wear out the elastic. (Which definitely happens when you use your cloth diapers through several children!)

softbums omni 8

SoftBums Omni shells sell for about $21.95.
The DryTouch SUPER pod is $7.95.

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Learn more about SoftBums!
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Check out our post about the SoftBums Echo cloth diaper.

*Diaper c/o SoftBums for reviewing purposes. Article not otherwise compensated. All opinions are that of Lake & River Co.

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