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Jun 262017
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softbums echo 1 *diaper c/o SoftBums for reviewing purposes


Summer time and the living is easy. Because now I can just dress my infant and toddler in t-shirts and cute diapers, right? Honestly, if you are under the age of three, pants can be overrated. Luckily, there are plenty of cloth diapers out there to make for a cute and colorful wardrobe.

After spending a few weeks off due to a broken leg, I am ready to get back into the cloth diapering swing of things. What better way to do that than with a new diaper? We recently tried out a SoftBums Echo, which fits right in with our diaper stash since all-in-twos are my favorite type of cloth diaper.


softbums echo 3

SoftBums is a local brand to us, based right here in Minnesota!  SoftBums diapers include the unique Slide²Size sizing system, making them versatile and simple. SoftBums originated with Sarah Van Bogart, mother of five, who has been designing and sewing cloth diapers for over a decade.

The SoftBums Echo all in two system :

  • Drawstring Toggle system for size adjustment.
  • One-size -as small as 4 lbs.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Variety of Pods (inserts).
  • Trim.
  • Snap in, all in two design.

The toggle system for sizing is more precise than a snap down rise. Simply reach into the pocket located at the back of the shell, and pull out the two elastic strands. Pinch the toggle and adjust the drawstring to the length that provides a snug and leak free fit for your baby. Tuck the strands back into the pocket.
Not only is this sizing adjustment more accurate, but it creates less bulk in the front of the diaper shell than snap down rises. Less bulk is handy since this diaper can be sized to fit a baby as small as four pounds! I’ll have to take people’s word for it since my babies were huge.

softbums echo 4

I placed a standard android phone next to the Echo for comparison. It really does have versatile sizing.
softbums echo 2

For absorbency, this Echo is combined with a DryTouch Pod.

DryTouch pod:

  • DryTouch fleece on top.
  • 4 layers of  absorbent microfiber beneath.
  • Large size for toddlers.
  • Snap attachment.
  • Double up or combine with a Mini Pod for more absorption.

softbums echo 5

If you need a little more convenience, SoftBums also has an insert called the H-pod. This is a disposable pod made from bamboo. It is absorbent and has no water resistant backing, so you can double them up if need be. These can be nice when you are traveling and want the ease of a disposable, but the protection of a cloth diaper.

softbums echo 6

 The Echo is a simple snap-in-two design. Just snap your DryTouch pod to the shell. When the pod is damp, replace it with another pod, or place the pod+shell in your diaper pail. Some people reuse the shell a couple times before washing.

Here is the Echo on my 10 month old. He is about 17 lbs and there is plenty of room to adjust the diaper bigger.

The toggle sizing system offers a great fit that doesn’t gap when he crawls, which isn’t always easy to achieve since he is kind of long and skinny.

softbums echo 7

SoftBums Echo shells sell for about $21.95.
The large DryTouch pod is $4.95.

Learn more about SoftBums!
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Keep a look out for our upcoming post about the SoftBums Omni cloth diaper.

*Diaper c/o SoftBums for reviewing purposes. Article not otherwise compensated. All opinions are that of Lake & River Co.

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