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Apr 132017
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amara organics 1*Review item c/o Amara

In our family, we tend to be pretty laid back in our child raising. I read a couple baby books and promptly dismissed about 90 percent of what I read and went with common sense. However, I was also going on all the experience I had as the eldest daughter in a bigger family. It is easy to be so nonchalant when you have been diapering other children since you were yourself only four years old. We have a family friend who just had her first baby, and it has been eye opening to see how stressful it can be to have so much information and so many options. It seems all the tips are different now than from just when my oldest was born.

One area you really don’t want to stress about is nutrition. We can all wax on and debate about the merits of sources of liquid nutrition, but I think we can all agree that when it comes to solid food, we want our baby to get healthful, good nutrition without any unnecessary additives.

Amara organic baby food is an option that is natural, convenient, and great tasting,  and rest assured, parents will like it too.

Amara comes in several varieties, including: Apple Maqui Berry,  oat n’ berries, kale potato mash, banana mango, and banana.

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Why go with Amara?

Instead of freezing or canning, Amara is freeze dried in a way to preserve as many vitamins and minerals as possible without synthetic fortification. Also, Amara baby foods are free from additives, preservatives, added sugar, added salt and are organic. It is basically as good as you can get short of homemade, plus the powder pouches are easy to store.

Most canned and jarred foods use heat for preserving and sealing. This heat destroys some of the beneficial properties in our food, much like pasteurization.
Amara use s a drying technique that utilizes pressure instead of heat, which keeps more nutrients intact. Before a baby reaches a year old, solid food is really just for practice. However, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be nutritious. Especially since our babies are not machines who suddenly just start eating like an adult right on their first birthday.

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Usually my kids don’t show much interest in solid food until toddlerhood, so I didn’t buy much baby food in the past. My current infant, Ethan, seems much more interested though. I mixed up some of the Apple Maqui Berry for him and it was a big hit. I’ve never had a baby this age scarf down anything with a spoon so quickly. He even grabbed at the bowl afterward. I gave it a little taste and no wonder he liked it. It is delicious!  (Yes, I totally ate some baby food.)

As far as volume and consistency, one small Amara packet (15 ml) makes the equivalent of one jar of puree from the supermarket and costs about the same as well, except Amara is organic. Price-wise, I would say Amara is a win.

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Plus, it is convenient.  You can mix up just a small amount of the packet and save the rest for later. The packet travels well since it is light weight and contains no glass. You can mix it up with breastmilk, formula, or water. It is a great option on an airplane since they have carry-on liquid restrictions. I like the packet, since little jars tend to get lost in our fridge, only to be found months later.


amara organics 5Disclaimer: choking hazard. Do not let your child eat packaging. This is just a cute pic.

If you are not in the mood to whip up fresh baby food, Amara Organic Baby Food is a nice, convenient option.

Learn more at Amara Organic foods.

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*review item provided by Amara Organic Baby Food. Review is not otherwise compensated and all opinions are personal. Thank you for reading.

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