Cloth Diapering FAQs

Dec 282016
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Here we are going to take a look at another option with our favorite style of cloth diaper, the all-in-two/snap-in-two. This particular option is the Best Bottom One Size Diapering System. This one size all-in-two system is economical, simple, and durable.

All-in-twos are like an all-in-one except they include a second piece. These diapers usually include a waterproof cover with an insert that can either lay in the cover, or snap to the cover. AI2s have become very popular since they do not require any folding or pocket stuffing.

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Best Bottom All-in-Two features:

  • One size fits most (8-35 lbs)
  • Three rows of snaps in front,  giving it four levels of snap down rise
  • Strong snap closures
  • Crossover tabs for a small fit in waist
  • Dual Leg gussets for leak and blowout protection
  • Dual front and back snaps for secure inserts
  • Soft and comfortable fleece topped insert with absorbent microfiber
  • Double layered PUL shell for extra durability
  • Wipable cover


Snap in your insert. Snap down the rise to the size you need. Use the snap or hook&loop closures to secure to baby. When changing baby, if the cover was not soiled, you can simply unsnap the insert and snap in another. This means you can get by with fewer covers, making the Best Bottom system more economical than pocket diapers or all-in-ones.

We love this style of diaper because the dual leg gussets really keep messes contained. Plus, when you wash the covers, they air dry really quickly.


Best Bottom inserts come in two types: microfiber with fleece, or hemp/organic cotton. They also come in three sizes to offer the best fit for your baby. For overnight protection, you can always lay an additional insert over the snap-in insert. Since the inserts have four layers of mircrofiber or five layers of hemp/cotton, they are highly absorbent.

Above, our model baby is about 14 weeks old and weighing 13 lbs. He is wearing the shell on the second smallest rise setting with a large insert. The diaper would fit trimmer with the medium insert. Although, as far as cloth diapers go, the Best Bottom system fits fairly trim considering how much liquid they can hold. This style of cloth diaper has really become our preference in our household because of the reliability and ease. The Best Bottom brand really is a high quality option and it is definitely a plus that they try to source their materials in the USA.

Admittedly, snap-in-two style cloth diapers are our favorite, so we might be a little biased!

Learn more about Best Bottoms cloth diapers.


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