Cloth Diapering FAQs

Nov 182016
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Just imagine….just imagine….

Was it Mr. Snuffleupagus who sang that?

The Imagine Stay Dry All-In-One is an economical cloth diapering option for those that like the convenience of an AIO or AI2, but not always the hefty price tag. Imagine Stay Dry AIOs are available in hook&loop or snap closures, and can generally be purchased for around $12.95 each. They are offered in a one-size option, so you only need one diaper stash.

imagine-all-in-one-cloth-diaper-2The Imagine all in one has three rise settings  and four columns of waist settings on each side. This allows it to accommodate children 8-35 pounds. The inner is stay dry fleece with fleece covering the microfiber insert as well. The snap-in insert contains four layers of absorbent microfiber, and the outer lining is polyurethane laminate providing a waterproof barrier.


Here the diaper is shown on a three month old, 12 pound infant. The middle rise setting is perfect and baby has plenty of room to grow. The Imagine One Size all-in-one is not a very large one-size, but it should fit the stated weight range. For overnight, I would suggest adding another insert. Overall, the absorbency is better than with cheaper all-in-ones with this inserts.


Since the waist snaps have a double row, this diaper should not suffer from “wing droop” and should work fine for crawlers.

This diaper is to be washed between each use as opposed to snap-in-twos that can be wiped down. A basic wash routine is best. Start with a cold or warm rinse, then a hot wash with detergent, then rinse. An additional rinse might be necessary depending on load size and machine.

For more information, visit Imagine Baby Products.


*diaper was purchased by Lake&River for reviewing purposes.

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