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Aug 152016
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buttons cloth diapers newborn diapering 4*review diaper c/o Buttons Diapers.

 Newborn cloth diapering can be difficult and possibly expensive depending on how you go about it. We really don’t care for things that are difficult or expensive, so a simplified diaper stash is really the way to go during the exhausting newborn phase.

Sorting so many types of diapers, folding flats, stuffing pocket diapers, and matching up inserts can be very time consuming. In that newborn phase, ( and really any phase after once you have multiple children) I like to stick with one type of diaper for easy and simplicity. Time and time again, I really like using a one-size all-in-two system like Buttons Diapers.

All-in-twos are like an all-in-one except they include a second piece. These diapers usually include a waterproof cover with an insert that can either lay in the cover, or snap to the cover. AI2s have become very popular since they do not require any folding or pocket stuffing.

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Buttons All-In-Two diapers features:

  • One size fits most
  • Two row snap down rise
  • Strong snap closures
  • Dual Leg gussets
  • Dual front and back snaps for secure inserts
  • Soft and comfortable fleece topped insert
  • Optional night time insert that snaps under day insert


buttons cloth diapers newborn diapering 2

Buttons Diapers offer two different sizes of insert, making them a little more ‘one size’ than some other diaper options. The small size generally fits babies 9-20 pounds and the large is designed for 20-35 pounds. There are also night time inserts and doublers available for long naps, older babies and over night.

How many do you need?

Newborns eat nearly every two hours or more during those first couple weeks and poop very frequently, often while eating. You will basically need to change your newborn’s diaper 12-16 times a day during the first few weeks. If you are planning to wash diapers every day, you will need at least 12-18 cloth diapers. However, you may want to consider drying time and keep a few more on hand. Do not forget, cloth diapers are like any other item of clothing; the more often you use and wash it, the more quickly it wears out.

With Buttons Diapers, the cover can air dry fairly quickly, but the inserts can take a while, so I personally like putting the inserts in the dryer.

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Above is our newest little guy we brought home a couple weeks ago. He is about 8.5 pounds in these photos and the double gusset offered by the buttons diapers cover makes a pretty secure fit, even around skinny newborn legs. The diaper is on the smallest setting at this weight. We also use Buttons Diapers on our 28 pound almost two year old. She is short and chunky, so she is one the biggest setting, but my 35 pound four year old can also wear this diaper on the largest setting for bedtime without a problem, so the fit range is pretty accurate.

All-in-twos like Buttons Diapers are convenient and trim enough to be a great travel cloth diaper. They fit well under clothing and don’t take up too much space in your diaper bag.  They are also an economical alternative to disposables. Buttons diapers covers are $11.00 for solid colors and $12.50 for prints. the microfiber inserts are $10.50 for a three pack and the hemp/cotton inserts are $23.25 per three pack. All in all, Buttons All-in-twos are one of the more economical all-in-two cloth diapers available.

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*review diaper c/o Buttons Diapers.

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