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Jul 122016
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hello little monsters car organizer 1*review item c/o Hello Little Monsters

Once upon a time, you had one baby. Everything you could possible need fit into a stylish diaper bag. Your home and car stayed relatively tidy. You could tuck your child into your normal outings without too much hassle and parenting was easy. If you were like me, you were almost smug about it. Hardy har har. Then toddlerhood came. The great game changer. Then kid number two. Maybe even kids three and four. Suddenly, not only is a diaper bag not enough, but a standard 1,800 square foot house doesn’t even seem enough on some particularly trying days.

My vehicle is often a disaster area during the school year. The mittens, art projects, extra clothes, sippy cups and training pants can take over. That is just the little stuff. there are the strollers and snow pants to contend with too. I really wanted to put together a bin for behind the third row, for things that are more convenient to keep in the car, but there is not really room since we have a big double stroller back there for errands, as well as an additional umbrella stroller.

It was time for one of those organizers that attach to the back of the bucket seat. I have been meaning to get one for many months now. since I am in organization mode right now for the new baby coming, this seemed like a good time. Plus, I need to start getting ready for Fall since I will have kids in both preschool and kindergarten.

hello little monsters car organizer 4

I installed a Hello Little Monsters car organizer (available on Amazon), and got to work.

First off, this organizer is really easy to install. It clips around the headrest up top with a sturdy strap and has a stretchy strap for clipping around the seat. the black color matches out interior and the blue piping is helpful for seeing the compartments when it is getting dark out.

hello little monsters car organizer 2

There are 12 different pockets of varying style and size, not including the detachable zipper wallet bag at the bottom.  The two mesh pockets at the bottom are perfect for bottles. The large pocket can fit plenty of disposable diaper and pull-ups, or even a few bulky cloth diapers. Some of the pockets have a Velcro cover for more private items, and some pockets are easy access. For now, I have it stocked with diapers, wipes, wet bag, Advil, pacifier, and sippy cups. However, I think for a road trip, it would be great to stock with the car friendly snacks, games and a couple Kindles.

Come winter, it will have mittens and hats for school runs and even forms for school. Hopefully, it will not be too hard to access the organizer when the infant seat is installed. With four huge car seats installed, we only have one place to hang the organizer.

hello little monsters car organizer 3

It is never too early to get organized when you have a baby on the way or already have kids. Don’t be caught off guard! Having a car organizer can make life easier and also lighten the load in your diaper bag. Those are two big wins when life gets hectic.

Check out Hello Little Monsters Backseat car Organizers on Amazon.

*review item c/o Hello Little MonstersReview not otherwise compensated and all opinions are original.

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