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Apr 222016
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mothers day spa gifts 2016

Ignore those Mother’s Day jewelry commercials. You know the ones I am talking about. The ones that imply you must buy Mom a $500 bracelet for Mother’s Day or you are horrible offspring deserving to suffocate under a pile of guilt. When did those become the norm anyway? It seems like every holiday has imploded into an extravaganza intent on making all of us broke, but it does not need to be that way.

What do moms really need? Some quiet time and relaxation. So how about some affordable gifts to help her do just that?

Relaxing Mother’s Day Gifts for Under $30

(Affiliate links included)

BCL SPA Moisture Mask, Mandarin + Mango • $18.99

A relaxing spa experience is where it is at. Let her rejuvenate her skin in peace.

Hotel Spa Women’s Velvet Spa Robe • $29.99

That whole spa theme might need a soft robe. Especially if her current one is ratty and stained with coffee.

Saro Lifestyle Sorbet Crackled Cachepot – 6″ dia.x 6″T – Set of 2 pcs • $27.99

A flower pot? Why not. living flowers will last much longer than cut.

Lydell NYC Golden Triple-Layer Pearly Spike Necklace • Lydell NYC • $18

OK, so we snuck a piece of jewelry in. Some inexpensive costume jewelry never hurt anyone.

Library of Flowers Field & Flowers Luminary, 5 oz. • BKR • $15

Candles are always a win. Bonus points if it is in a fresh springy scent not reminiscent of Christmas.

Aromachologie Relaxing Essential Oil Blend • $18

Sometimes it takes a little help to relax.

Classic Coffee & Tea 11-Ounce Houndstooth Mugs in Colors • Bed Bath & Beyond • $11.99

Travel mugs for a latte? You always need a new one. Grab her favorite flavored coffee syrup while you are at it.

Deep Steep Honeydew Spearmint Bubble Bath • Deep Steep • $11.95

Bubble bath for grown ups. No fruity bubblegum scents allowed.

Lavender Reed Diffuser • CB2 • $21.95

A pleasant smelling bathroom can go a long way for boosting your mood.

FizzTime Oatmeal Honey Bubble Bath • $5.95

Maybe she prefers bath bombs to bubbles. It takes all kinds.

See? Show Mom you care with a thoughtful gift to help her soothe her frayed nerves from parenting. :) And you don’t even need a financing option.

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