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Jul 272015
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Fuzzibunz first year 1

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Fuzzibunz is back and they brought some cute new diapers with them! In addition to their Perfect size diapers and One Size diapers, they now have a First Year Adjustable Pocket Diaper.  The Fuzzibunz First Year Adjustable Pocket Diaper is very similar to the new one size cloth diaper, but is smaller for a better fit for when baby is little.
fuzzibunz first year 2

So often, a traditional one size cloth diaper is far too large for a newborn, and even once it fits, it might still not be optimally sized for the best function. The First Year Adjustable Pocket Diaper is perfect for use during the beginning, middle, and beyond. It’s smaller, snugger fit is the solution for young infants, smaller babies, and for wearing under trim fitting pants.

fuzzibunz first year 3

First Year Adjustable Pocket Diaper features:

  • Fits more easily under newborn and infant clothing
  • Offers a better fit for newborns from 6 lbs
  • Adjustable internal leg and waist button hole elastic like the prior one size Fuzzibunz
  • Has potential to fit your baby from birth to 18+ months (6-24 lbs)
  • each comes with one Organic Cotton/Hemp insert (no more microfiber!)
  • Elastic is still easy to replace with the button system. (No longer comes with replacement kit though)
  • stay dry fleece lining
  • waterproof cover

fuzzibunz first year 4

Here it is on one of the larger settings on 10 month old Mory. She is about 22 pounds and the diaper fits just fine with one or two inserts. It is a little snug on the thighs since she is at the top of the suggested weight for a good fit. This diaper would still fit fine on a thin legged toddler.  You can fit about three inserts in this diaper before it begins compromising fit and function. The cotton inserts are absorbent, but we recommend two inserts unless you want to be changing your infant every 20 minutes.

fuzzibunz first year 5

Size wise, if you placed a Fuzzibunz One Size diaper and Bumgenius newborn all-in-one side by side, the Fuzzibunz First Year would be right in the middle.  It should definitely fit most full term newborns and grow with them for the first year. Whether you decide to try First year diapers or go straight to One Size is more personal preference if your baby was around eight pounds or more at birth. The First Year Pocket diaper is one of those diapers that is a great problem solver for small, thin legged babies, but probably not necessary if you have large, chubby babies.

It actually fits my 3.5 year old, since she is very skinny, so for those of you who like one size diapers that run small like Sunbaby and itti bitti, this diaper should have you covered and you could skip the larger one size altogether.

fuzzibunz first yr af

Visit Fuzzibunz and shop

*This review is NOT sponsored. We purchased this diaper for our own reviewing purposes. However, the links contained are affiliate links and purchases made through them might result in a small compensation to Lake&River. Thanks you.

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