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Jan 262015
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flats and prefolds Lake and river

So, you decided to be a modern eco-friendly parent and go with cloth diapers. Your prefolds and flats arrived and now you are staring at the pile wondering what on Earth you have gotten yourself into. Fear not! Folding flats and prefolds doesn’t have to be difficult. At least , not THAT difficult. Sure, there are a ton of variations, some of which might seem to require the skills of an origami savant, but there is really no need to master them all. Start with these easier folds and you will be well on your way to affordable cloth diaper bliss. (Click on bolded links for tutorials)

 zephyr hill babyinflats2Start easy. Go with a pad fold for your flats.

Zephyr hill flatsnewborn5 If your regular pad fold is too big, try out the Mini pad Fold for a Newborn

West coast Mommy angel-foldIf you are feeling a little more brave, the Angel Fold is pretty simple.

padded tush stats airplane foldWant to channel your inner fifth grader? Try the Airplane fold with a flat diaper.

padded tush stats skinny foldIf you are using a narrow diaper cover try out the Skinny Neat diaper fold.

according to Jenny DiaperBagFold6-1024x682For a fold that is trim on the sides, try the Diaper bag Fold.

jelly roll fold 2If you need a little more blowout protection, the Jellyroll fold can hold it in.

diva-foldAnd, if you have a tummy sleeper, the Diva Fold offers more protection in the front.

There are plenty more of course, like the origami fold, the newspaper fold, and bikini twist and more, but less is more when it comes to parenting some times. And when it comes to stuffing your head with too much supermom information. So, grab your practice teddy bear (or baby) and teach that prefold pile who is the boss. Remember, the baby gear doesn’t own you. You own the baby gear. And that includes the diapers.

*Also visit The Cloth Diapering Information & FAQs page

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  2 Responses to “8 Ways to Get Started Folding Your Flats & Prefold Cloth Diapers”

  1. Seriously awesome rundown on proper folding techniques and beyond. Thanks much for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the shares! Some of those folds are new to me, so I’m going to go check out the other posts.

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