Cloth Diapering FAQs

Aug 192014
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easy Soap Bits for cloth wipes

You can still have fun wipe solution and not spend a ton of money on fancy potions, oils, and soap bits!

Most soap bits marketed for use to make wipe solutions, are just easy to dissolve soaps made with vegetable based ingredients. You can even use goat milk soap, just avoid soaps with lard or petroleum based ingredients.

To make your own soap bits from bar soap, choose a soft soap that can dissolve well in warm water. Hard soaps will often not mix into your water all the way and can also be drying on the skin. a moisturizing bar works well. Also, make sure it is real soap and not a “beauty bar” like dove or other commercial soaps sold in stores. A real soap should only include about four ingredients outside of fragrances and essential oils.

The Chamomile Goat Milk Soap by LuSa Organics makes a lovely wipe solution. Slicing the whole bar into cubes can make a large amount of bits for the price too.

Let the bar warm up a bit so it is softer for slicing. You can set it in the sun in a window. Slice your soap with a shark, thin knife or even a cheese slicer into sheets about 1/4 inch thick. Cube up your slices into desired size squares. The smaller, the better for dissolving. If you have a co-op or artisinal soap shop nearby, the sample slices are usually already the perfect thickness for making soap bits.

Add two or three of your bits to a container with  two cups warm water, seal, and shake! Once the bits are dissolved, you have your solution. :)

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